Mentimeter is an interactive presentation tool that can be used to enhance both online and face-to-face sessions, allowing you to provide opportunities for interaction and monitor levels of engagement.

The University has purchased a site licence for Mentimeter for the academic year 2022-23. Any members of UoM Staff and Students can sign up and access a full featured licence by following the information on this page.

If you want to know more about how colleagues in FSE are using Mentimeter check this page.

How to create a Mentimeter presentation

Mentimeter is incredibly intuitive software, but the video below will provide you with some baic instruction on how to set your first Mentimeter presentation

Use Mentimeter with Powerpoint

Want to use Mentimeter with your existing powerpoints? No problem here’s how…

Mentimeter x Powerpoint from Mentimeter on Vimeo.

Mentimeter Academy

Sign up and explore the free Mentimeter Academy for more selfpaced tutorials to help improve your presenting and mentimeter skills

How to access the UoM Mentimeter Template

Members of staff in FSE can access a UoM template which includes University logo and colour scheme. Once logged into your Mentimeter account access the Shared Templates section and ensure the Group Drop down is set to FSE. All members of the FSE group can share templates with colleagues so if you have an effective set of Mentimeter questions please feel free to share.

Enabled the Uom Mentimeter Template


Good afternoon! I tried to find the shared template of UoM, but I could not. Besides, I don’t have the drop down menu, could you help me with this please?

H Francesco,

The allocation of licence holders is a manual process so there’s usually a small delay between new sign ups and being able to access content for Faculty groups – try again you should now be in the FSE group!

Thanks, for flagging this!!

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