Teaching Tools

Canvas Essentials: Discussions

Like Blackboard, Canvas has its own Discussions tool that enables discussions between the entire course unit cohort or a group. The basic functionality is not significantly different…

Canvas Essentials: Assignments

This article will compare the Assignment tools within Canvas to Blackboard. This is not intended to be a training piece but a overview of features to give you some idea as to how it differs from Blackboard.

Buddycheck Overview

Buddycheck is a peer scoring tool. Check out this article for a quick overview of what Buddycheck does and for links to further information about peer assessment.

Blackboard Spring Clean

Whilst preparations for the migration to the Universities new CLE platform Canvas are being finalised one activity that staff can currently undertake is a thorough ‘spring clean’ of their Blackboard course units.

Mentimeter Ai features

Mentimeter have released some Ai functionality that groups responses to your open ended questions, we have now enabled that functionality for use across UoM.