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Paper based Multiple Choice Exams with Gradescope

Lu Shin Wong, a Senior lecturer in Chemistry, used Gradescope Bubble sheets in a summative exam for over 200 students. Teaching Academy asked Lu Shin about his experiences of using the Gradescope Bubblesheets.

Gradescope: Get Started

Step-by-step instructions with videos for setting up Gradescope for your Blackboard course space. In this page, you’ll find specific details for completing each of these steps and links to other pertinent Gradescope Help Centre articles.

Gradescope: Homework assignment

Once you have created a Gradescope course, next you can create your assignment. This information will provide an overview of the Gradescope dashboard, menu options, staff roles/permissions and guidance for each stage of the workflow for a Homework assignment:


Gradescope enables electronic submission and marking of handwritten responses, typed responses, formulae and diagrams, programming/code and multiple choice. Gradescope can be added to any Blackboard course area. All Gradescope assignments and exams – both for students submitting and markers – are accessed through the Gradescope dashboard, the grades are pushed out to an associated column in the Blackboard Grade Centre.