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Adapting your assessments for Ai

Advances in Artificial Intelligence are already changing the way we think about Higher Education. One key impact will be how we assess student learning.

Turnitin – requesting permanent deletion of papers

Students often submit files in error to Turnitin which can create issues with the Turnitin Originality reports. Turnitin have introduced a new feature where staff can request files submitted in error be removed from the Turnitin repository directly from the Turnitin Inbox.

Turnitin Peermark

The addition of a PeerMark assignment within Turnitin allows staff to allocate submissions to another student for peer review.

Paper based Multiple Choice Exams with Gradescope

Lu Shin Wong, a Senior lecturer in Chemistry, used Gradescope Bubble sheets in a summative exam for over 200 students. Teaching Academy asked Lu Shin about his experiences of using the Gradescope Bubblesheets.

Case Study: Utilising Turnitin Marking and Feedback Tools

Martin Simmons, Senior Lecturer in MACE, explains how he uses Turnitin Quickmarks and Turnitin rubrics, to provide detailed and consistent feedback to students. Utilising these tools additionally supports Martin’s work with GTA markers.