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Student Guide: Eduflow

What is Eduflow?

Eduflow is a software that allows you to easily submit, review, provide feedback and reflect on your peer’s work.

What is Peer assessment and why is it important?

Peer assessment can help you to learn skills including how to assess others and give constructive feedback. Check out our student guide on peer assessment, to find out more about the skills you may learn and how to prepare for a peer assessment.

What do I need to do?

You will be provided course specific instructions for completing the Eduflow peer review, and before you get started you will receive an email from Eduflow saying you have been invited to complete a review. Please check your spam folder as these emails do seem to end up there, and add to your safe senders list. Please follow the instructions in the email to access the course and to get started with your peer review.

After the initial email, you will be able to access Eduflow via your course unit on Blackboard. Simply login to the course space as usual and access the Eduflow link as instructed by your instructor.

In brief, you will be submitting your own work with a click of a few buttons, then once your peers have also submitted, you will be asked to anonymously review a number of pieces of work.

There may be a minimum number of words you need to write for each review.

Once the whole group have completed their reviews, you will then have access to feedback from your peers. You will have the chance to read the feedback, and there may be a reflection stage in which you write about how useful you found the feedback you received.

Please note that all group members need to take part in each stage (submission, review and reflection) for you to make the most of this peer assessment. If one member does not take part, then the others will not be able to move through the process and get access to feedback on their work.