Quick Guide to screencasting – Loom

Loom is a free screen recording tool that can be used either as a desktop application or a Chrome extension and supports both Windows and Mac. Please use the guidance for information on how to get set up on Loom, recording using the desktop app and also the Chrome extension, and how to share your recordings with students. A text/pdf guide is also available further down the page.

The below short video will run you through the basic steps for using Loom to capture your screen and audio to create your online blended learning materials


Getting a Loom Pro account

As a registered member of staff at a university, you have free access to the Pro version of Loom. See here for more information.

Follow these instructions to ensure you receive a Pro account:

  1. Go to https://www.loom.com/signup and use your university email to sign up. Note: you will only receive the free Pro account if you sign up with your university email.
  2. Once signed up, check your emails. You should have an email asking you to verify your email. Ensure you do this before continuing.
  3. After verifying your email, you should receive an additional email automatically confirming that you are now signed up to Loom Pro for free.

For further information on setting up Loom either as a desktop app or a Chrome extension, view this guide here: Loom screen recorder V1-0