Teaching Tools

Setup a Blackboard course unit

You can start to create new content and copy content from previous courses.  Before you start, however, take a look at our planning guides for introducing blended learning.

If you are the academic course leader and your course has not been automatically activated, you can activate it yourself. Follow the guidance at this link: How to activate Blackboard courses .

You should first take a look at the planning guides on this site.  Your next step is setting up your course structure. Then you can begin copying or importing the content from previous courses which you want to reuse into your new structure. You can then move on to creating new materials to fill in the gaps.  Once you have set up your course, copied or imported relevant content, take a look at the post course activation checklist.

Follow the guide at this link on how to ensure your standard course structure is appropriate for your course. How to set up your Blackboard course

Blackboard tests cannot be copied directly into a new course. They must be exported form the original course and then imported into the new course.  This provides an unlinked copy of the test which can then be edited without making changes to the original.  More information on how to export/import Blackboard tests is contained in this document: Copying Blackboard tests from a previous year