A question of choice – importing Blackboard tests

Setting up a Blackboard test normally involves setting up each question individually, typing in the question text, and constructing the answers and feedback. This is fine if you have only a few questions to set up at a time, but it quickly becomes a time-consuming burden if you plan to set up several tests with many questions. There is an alternative method for creating extensive Blackboard tests, however: create your test questions using a text editor or Microsoft Excel, and import them in bulk directly into Blackboard. Continue reading →

Setting video assignments in Blackboard

As a consequence of the unusual circumstances in which we find ourselves for the Summer 2020 exam season, it may be that you are considering setting an assignment for your students that involves video. This is often a good way to gauge students’ engagement with the content, and provides a useful method of assessing presentation skills. Continue reading →

Quick Tips: editing your Blackboard course space

Blackboard has powerful tools to help you create an engaging online space for your course unit. As your course unit changes you will need to adapt your Blackboard space accordingly. Use these quick tip videos to help you in making these changes to your Blackboard space. Continue reading →