Producing Teaching Content

Accessible Teaching and Learning Materials

One of the core values of the University of Manchester’s vision and strategic plan is a commitment to equality, diversity and equal opportunities for all. As such, we are committed to making teaching and learning accessible and inclusive.

Wherever possible, we recommend using accessible and inclusive design principles from the outset when developing your course materials. By designing materials to be accessible to students with severe difficulties (Accessibility-first), we include as many students as possible, whilst still recognising that specialist solutions will be required to extend accessibility in some cases.

While specialist technologies will always be needed for the people with the most severe difficulties, inclusive design aims to extend the reach of mainstream products as far as reasonably possible.
The pyramid model presents a continuum of population diversity. Source:

The resources below are provided to support you in creating and updating your materials. Should you have any questions about accessibility for digital teaching and learning materials, please contact the Faculty eLearning Team.


Asynchronous Content

Mathematical Notation

Synchronous Content

Testing Content

You can use Blackboard Ally to highlight any issues, but we would also recommend testing using accessibility tools.


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