Teaching Academy Videos

This page will present the various videos produced to capture and support blended teaching and learning activity

Emerging Stronger Conference – May 2021

Recordings of the session delivered as part of the Emerging Stronger Conference can be found on the below page…


Blended Learning Conference – December 2020

Information and recorded sessions from the December 2020 Blended Learning Conference


Moving to Blended Learning Series

A series of videos produced to support the move to Blended Learning in March 2020

Moving to Blended Learning: Part 1 Terminology and Concepts

Moving to Blended Learning: Part 2 Course Structure

Moving to Blended Learning: Part 3 Types of Video

Moving to Blended Learning: Part 4 Recording Audio

Moving to Blended Learning: Part 5  Why is Online Different

Moving to Blended Learning: Part 6 Making Video-friendly Slides

 Moving to Blended Learning: Part 7 An Example Course Structure

Moving to Blended Learning: Part 8 Course Plan Example

Moving to Blended Learning: Part 9 Using Technology to Help Plan Your Synchronous Sessions

Moving to Blended Learning: Part 10 How to Modify Your Current Assessment for Blended Delivery

Teaching Academy Blended Learning Conference

In December 2020 Teaching Academy ran it’s first Blended Learning Conference. The sessions were recorded and are available below.



Blenders Question Time

Blenders question time is an open forum meeting where members of FSE staff can ask questions and discuss approaches to Blended Learning. The meetings have been recorded and links can be found below.

Blenders Question Time: July 2nd

Blenders Question Time: June 18th

All the questions and answers from the Blenders Question Time series have been captured here

The next Blenders Question time is scheduled for Thursday 16th July. You can send in questions by emailing the following address FSEteachingcollege@manchester.ac.uk

Details of other FSE Faculty open meetings can be found here.


Could you comment on how long you are spending on creating these weekly videos, and what the expected workload is on staff for creating new blended learning courses?

At the moment, the fact that this series is produced at 20 minutes per week worries me a lot, because you are presumably all highly experienced, and often showing preexisting clips.

Finally, how many videos are you planning to produce, and when? We are being asked to plan/design/create videos *now*.

FSE Teaching Academy

None of us were experts when we started putting the TA videos together. When we started, it certainly took a lot longer than it does now that we have some more experience; so for the tightly scripted ones 5 minutes of video might have taken an hour of fiddling, but it’s much quicker than that now we’re used to the tools, perhaps heading closer to 1:1 for ‘record:edit’

We don’t expect everyone to reach this standard of video, as you imply in your message there won’t be the time. A more important aspect will be maximising the educational value (content) of the video. Having said that we should all be aiming to reach a good standard; to support you we will be launching a process that you can submit a video and get some feedback. It’s also worth referring to the guidance on developing materials for your unit in a Blended Learning format:
Also, there is a short course to help you plan your Blended Learning unit:

We will be providing a weekly update with useful content to help make the transition to Blended Learning. We have covered the important aspects for developing your asynchronous content and as we get closer to the start of the semester we will switch focus to supporting planning of synchronous activities.

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