EPS eLearning team is pleased to announce the results of this year’s EPS Best in eLearning competition.

Faculty Winner

Comments from students

“…the variety of interactive teaching techniques have been incredibly helpful and I hope to see more in the upcoming weeks of this semester”

“… providing regular opportunities for me to evaluate my performance and encourage reflection, generally speaking this includes in-lecture quizzes (using mbclick), general assessment quizzes (using blackboard), programming assignments as coursework to submit (using CourseMarker)”

Comments from Dr Geoff Rubner

What was the most successful aspect of eLearning elements in your course unit?

“Students liked the videos and quizzes. In-class I used mbclick as usual, and I received a lot of positive comments about that in the Unit Evaluation Questionnaires.”

What was the rationale behind your main eLearning features?

“The rationale, as always, is to return as much feedback as possible to students. Also, to continue to try and improve the areas of the course they have difficulties with.”

Dr Geoff Rubner will be awarded at the next faculty Teaching Learning Committee meeting.

Highly Commended School Winners

Most Innovative Use of eLearning

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Commended School Winners (in alphabetical order)

  • CHEN30012 Design Project: Colin Webb
  • COMP27112 Computer Graphics and Image Processing : Toby Howard and Tim Morris
  • FOUN10001 Chemistry 1 : Jonathan Agger
  • MACE30462 Operations Management : Paul Chan
  • MATS30112 Natural Materials and Biological Matrices : Catherine Merry
  • PHYS40391&64591 Radio Astronomy : Peter Wilkinson
Announcing the EPS Best in eLearning Competition Winner 2012-13

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