Essay/assignment submission

The University-wide supported tools for electronic submission of coursework and return of feedback online are Turnitin/Grademark and the Bb Assignment tool.

You may also want to investigate using VoiceThread, a cloud-based programme which allows students either individually or in groups to submit audio-visual assignments and comment on them using drawing tools, audio and text.

If your students normally submit handwritten work, you can point them towards this useful guide on how to convert hand-drawn or handwritten work into a PDF using a mobile phone app :

  Hand drawn to PDF

If you are thinking of setting an assignment where students submit a video file, take a look at this guide first. It is possible to upload videos directly into a Blackboard assignment, but it is not recommended.  The guide explains how students can upload their video to the University’s video portal, and paste the generated link into the assignment submission tool.

Online Teaching – assignments

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