This page will contain resources to support academic colleagues in the event of disruption to our on-campus T&L activities. Over the next few days this page will be populated with support resources relating to online communications, recording lecture material, conducting online teaching, setting up online tests, tutorials, assignments and examinations.

Before you start creating online resources for your students we recommend you read this page first:

Moving to Online Teaching  : things to bear in mind if you are new to online teaching


Below are links to other resources covering the areas that you may need to implement.


Communication with students and staff  : information on ways to keep in touch with your colleagues and your students

Lectures : ways to make content available online

You can make your lectures available for online delivery using several methods:

How to use Collaborate

Please use the Chrome web browser for all Collaborate sessions.  Below is a link to a short guide on how to add a Collaborate session to your Blackboard space, and a short video showing you the main functions.

How to add Collaborate to your Blackboard Space

Bijan Parsia has produced a really useful run through of the basic Collaborate features for his colleagues in Computer Science (non Computer Science people – please contact elearning for support not Bijan!);


If you want to try Collaborate before you go live with sessions, jump onto one of our daily sessions with a member of the elearning team
*Tip: You may prefer to avoid directly replacing a 50-minute lecture with a 50 minute recording. Rather, uploaded videos are more effective if they are shorter and possibly interspersed with other activities, e.g. a 15-20 minute recording with some direction to reading or an activity followed by a further 15-20 minute recording.

Using Blackboard Online Tests : ways to keep your students engaged with your material  online, and to monitor their progress

Tutorials : technology for conducting tutorials online

At present the recommended tool for tutorials is ZOOM.  This is an online web conferencing platform that is good for replacing face to face meetings. In theory it can handle up to 300 participants per meeting. The University has extended its normal licence to allow any member of staff to sign up for a Zoom account. Click here to read the information from the Media Technologies team about Zoom, and click here to view more information and user guides.

When web conferencing tools are used for delivering small group teaching online it is important that students have both webcam and microphones to replicate face to face conditions.

In some instances, providing live seminars may not be possible given bandwidth and technological issues. You can still create a discussion board in Blackboard and pose seminar questions and engage with students through this channel. Support for Using the Discussion Boards.


Essay/assignment submission

The University-wide supported tools for electronic submission of coursework and return of feedback online are Turnitin/Grademark and the Bb Assignment tool.


Procedures are in place at Manchester to run online exams. Online exams are run via the Blackboard Tests tool. The Bb Tests tool will allow you to run standard multiple choice, short answer, and  essay-based examinations. Further guidance on assessment will be available in due course.

How to contact the eLearning Team

If you require specific support for something not covered above please contact the elearning team members directly.

Department eLearning Support T&L Enhancement Lead
CEAS Lynn Cullimore Bernard Treves Brown
COMP SCI Stuart Anderson Andrea Schalk
EES Phil Boulton Vicky Coker
MACE Dan Jagger John Broderick
CHEMISTRY Sharon Gardner Nick Weise
EEE Steve Davies Geoff Rubner
MATHS Ryan McGeown Louise Walker
MATERIALS Sarah Hewitt Chamil Abeykoon – MATS SCI
Iain Stalker – MATS FBT
PHYSICS Sian Roughley Niels Walet
Resources for Online Teaching 2019-20
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