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The University’s Cyber Security Programme is continuing to roll out 2-factor authentication to protect key systems and services.

From Tuesday 6 November 2018 you will need to use 2-factor authentication from Duo to log in to the Outlook Web App (OWA).

OWA is mostly used by staff and postgraduate research students to access emails through an internet browser.  The information below is from our colleagues in IT Services who are implementing the system.

What do I need to do?

Check that you are set up for 2-factor authentication from Duo and familiarise yourself with the new process for logging in to the Outlook Web App.

How do I check if I’m set up?

You can check if you are set up to use 2-factor authentication from Duo in the University IT Account Manager. You can also add or manage your 2-factor devices.

  1. Go to the IT Account Manager at
  2. Sign in to IT Account Manager with your University username and password
  3. Click the ‘2-factor (Duo)’ tab
  4. Follow the Duo enrolment instructions if you’re not already set up.

Most of you are already using Duo therefore don’t need to do anything more.

How will I log in to the Outlook Web App?

From Tuesday 6 November 2018, in addition to entering your University username and password, you will need to verify your identity using the University’s 2-factor authentication service from Duo.

The easiest way to authenticate is by using the Duo Mobile app on a smartphone to receive a simple push notification (allowing you to respond with a simple tap) or generate a passcode.

Read our guide on using the different authentication methods to login to OWA:

How to log in to the Outlook Web App with 2-factor authentication

You will need to follow the new login process every time you start a new session in OWA – i.e. if you close your internet browser and start again.

Why are we doing it?

Passwords can be easy to compromise – they can be stolen, guessed or hacked. By adding extra security, we can make it much more difficult for someone to use your password to access University information and services. This helps to keep our information and data secure, and also strengthens our compliance with the new data protection regulations (GDPR).

Help and support    

Having problems signing up to Duo or registering a device? Contact our IT Support Centre either online through the IT Services website, face-to-face at the Kilburn Building walk-up support desk, or via phone on 0161 306 5544.

Login changes to Outlook Web App
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