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We’re all gearing up for Welcome week starting on 17th September – but did you know that enrolled students have access to activated Blackboard courses as of today?  Monday 10th September is the date when the Blackboard calendar switches from 2017/18 academic year to the 2018/19 year. Your 2017/18 course units with standard start and end dates will now appear under the tab Past year’s courses.

If you haven’t already activated your course for the new academic year, there is help available.  Take a look at the guidance about accessing Blackboard and updating your courses on the TLSO’s webpage about Start of Year.

How do I activate my Bb course for the new academic year?

The course academic lead is responsible for ensuring Bb courses are activated.  Bb courses may be activated by the course academic lead, or anyone listed as a primary instructor on the course in Campus Solutions.

See the knowledge base article How to activate Blackboard Courses, which includes details about rolling forward your course content to the new academic year’s course and key dates to bear in mind. You can activate your Bb course as soon as you like, but it needs to have been set up in Campus Solutions first. Check with your School/Programme administrator if you can’t see the Bb course listed in the portlet.

When can students see my Bb course?

Activated Bb courses for Semester 1 and full year become visible to students on Monday 10th September 2018 (unless you selected a different option when you activated your Bb course).  Please make sure your courses are activated and populated with content well before this date.

How do I access Blackboard to see my courses?

You can access Blackboard via My Manchester for staff.  Click on the link to Blackboard under the Teaching category of links .

screengrab of the MyManchester page for teaching staff

Ensuring your Bb course has appropriate content for the start of year

Please review the article on Preparing Blackboard 9 courses for start of year and semester 2 .  It includes:

  • the process required in order for Bb courses to be made available to students in Blackboard;
  • a link to ‘Key dates for Blackboard 9’;
  • a link to a ‘Post-activation checklist’;
  • links to other related articles.

What if a student can’t see the course in Bb?

There are normally 3 reasons why a student cannot see their course:

  • The course has not yet been activated in Blackboard. Check that the activation procedure for the course has been completed by the academic course lead.
  • The student has not yet completed enrolment. It can take up to 24 hours from when a student enrols on a course until it is available to them in Blackboard.
  • The student is expecting to see a Semester 2 course in Semester 1. Most Semester 2 course units have a Blackboard course unit code which ends in 2, e.g. MATS11002. These will not become visible to students until the week before Semester 2 starts.

Please direct your students to the support pages on My Manchester ( for further advice and information.

Further information

Colleagues in the elearning team will be on hand to offer support and advice on activating your Blackboard course, structuring content, and using online tools to enhance teaching and learning. Book a  1-to-1 session with a Learning Technologist, here: 1 to 1 session bookings. These sessions will last up to an hour, and are available to help you prepare your course for next year, or give you some new ideas of how to structure your Blackboard course. We can also arrange to come to your office at a mutually agreed time for a 1 to 1 session. For further information and advice about eLearning, or to arrange an office visit, please contact your Faculty eLearning team via the Support Portal: Click here to Request eLearning Support

Week zero: Start of Year 2018/19 is here
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