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On 24th January 2013 the EPS eLearning Team at the University of Manchester held a symposium on Distance and blended learning – dispelling the myths.

We would like to thank all the participants for attending the event, whether in person or online, and for contributing to its success with inspiring questions and comments.

A big thank you also to all our guest speakers who provided some interesting insights on the topic, and stimulated some excellent debate in the panel discussion.

The perspectives offered by our speakers and the subsequent discussion highlighted the importance of a flexible approach to learning and teaching, where technology plays an important role in enabling and facilitating blended education.

Missed the event? No problem. We recorded it for you.

Follow the link to view the recording.

The presentation slides from the event can be downloaded separately below.

We appreciate your participation and hope you found the event valuable. We welcome you to post your questions and comments. To make a helpful contribution to the debate, use the comment facility at the bottom of this article to post your message.

Distance Learning in EPS

Dr Patrick O’Malley

Download PDF |


Experiences of Blended Learning

John Jukes (Nuvia Ltd)

Download PDF |


Marketing and Business Modelling

Xavier Duran

Download PDF |


Available Support and the Role of the eLearning Team

Dr Ian Hutt

Download PDF |


Leading a Blended Programme

Professor Andrew Gale

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[Past Event] Distance and blended learning – dispelling the myths

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